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“They have crappy jobs, bad apartments with terrible roommates who have even more terrible boyfriends, and almost no money. What they do have is each other, and the creativity that comes with their presumed liberal arts degrees to embrace whatever situation they find themselves in. It’s far more entertaining—and, let’s be honest, realistic—than most recent television and film portrayals of young women. They’re not obsessed with jumpstarting their confusingly trendy cupcake business, like on Two Broke Girls, or trying to get/stay famous in a glamorous big city like on pretty much every reality show. Their lives kind of suck, and they need to do something to distract themselves. Every day.”-Stephanie Butnick, Tablet Magazine
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"I think you have to fight to be successful. All we can do [as women] is keep working and creating good stuff and putting it out there and not be afraid to take on the hard work. You get past it if you take risks."
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Emmylou Harris
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Islands In The Stream by Feist & Constantines
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talk to a real personby Stephen Shore
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watch how quickly men hate lesbians when they exist outside of their porn fantasies

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